PURE ZONE ® is a high-quality anti-microbial clear laminate, which provides effective and long-lasting protection from 99.9% of Germs. The film can be applied alone or accompanied with a custom digital print.  It can be applied in all locations with high sanitary requirements or high traffic areas. PURE ZONE ® is used in hospitals, healthcare establishments, doctor offices, dental offices, gyms, schools, restaurants, banks and many other establishments where its necessary to maintain a clean facility.  PURE ZONE ® adds that extra layer of protection everyone is looking for right now during these unprecedented times.

How does it work?

PURE ZONE® is constructed out of PVC, which is then enriched with Silver Ions. Silver Ions are highly reactive and destroy multiple sites in bacteria cells. During cleaning operations, as well as in the presence of humidity, silver ions are released from the top layer of the film. These ions come into contact with the bacteria, blocking their metabolism and/or interrupting their proliferation mechanism, leading to their destruction and therefore reducing germs by 99.9%.

The activity of the Hexis anti-microbial film

The anti-microbial efficiency of silver ions

  • Protects 24/7, and thus between 2 cleaning phases
  • Protects inaccessible areas
  • Inhibits the development of 99.99% of the germs tested
  • Reduces a bacterial population by 4 logs
  • Prevents the formation of biofilm
  • Active for 5 years
  • Perfectly ecological
  • No nano-particles


A friend told me about Pure Zone in Charleston SC and said that it can kill the COVID-19 virus. Is this true?

Yes, our Pure Zone products in Charleston can indeed destroy the COVID-19 Virus. We are living in uncertain times, and as South Carolina and other states open back up, it has been predicted that we will see a rise in COVID-19 cases. While this is an ever-changing situation, it is always a wise decision to protect your home, your family, and your business. You can do that with Pure Zone, whether you’re trying to ensure that your family is safer from COVID-19 specifically or you want to protect your loved ones and customers from other types of bacteria and diseases.

Pure Zone sounds amazing – but I’m having a tough time wrapping my mind around it. What exactly is Pure Zone?

Pure Zone an anti-microbial, high-quality laminate material, or film. Some people think of it like a giant sticker, though that description is over-simplified. Pure Zone protects just about any location, especially those that require a lot of sanitation, like bathrooms, kitchens, and doorways. It works great in your residential property or your commercial property, and adds that extra layer of protection that many in the U.S and around the world are looking for as we fight against COVID-19 Virus in Charleston and other states.

Where can Pure Zone be applied?

Pure Zone can be applied anywhere that you would like to protect, so long as there is a smooth surface available. Many of our clients use Pure Zone in Charleston SC to protect high traffic areas with surfaces that are commonly touched, both in their homes and at their place of work. In fact, many government entities and large businesses use Pure Zone to protect people travelling on subway systems, planes, and even trains. Some other familiar places where Pure Zone is applied include: bathrooms, door knobs, busses, shopping carts, table tops, kiosks, and ATMs. Contact our office today and let’s talk about where you would like Pure Zone applied!

How will my customers know where Pure Zone antimicrobial film has been applied?

It’s easy – just tell them to look for the grey and blue “fingerprint” pattern! Having Pure Zone film applied in your place of business reassures your customers that you have their health and safety in mind and provides a safer workplace for your employees as well. Applying Pure Zone at your business is a win any way you look at it – especially with the stress surrounding COVID-19 in Charleston SC and around the U.S.

Can you tell me more about Silver Ions and their role in Charleston SC Pure Zone film applications?

We’d be happy to! The Silver Ions in our Pure Zone films inhibit the development of 99.9% of germs tested, thus destroying bacteria, and protecting your clients and loved ones from diseases like COVID-19. Active for 5 years, these Silver Ions protect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and prevent the formation of biofilm. Not only are these Silver Ions effective at killing bacteria, they are ecological, do not develop any nano-particles, and reduce bacterial populations by as much as 4 logs.

What other bacteria strains does Pure Zone kill?

In addition to killing the COVID-19 virus in Charleston SC with 99.99% certainty, it will destroy MRSA, Listeria monocytogenes, Escherichia coli (E-Coli), Salmonella enterica subsp enterica (Salmonella), Staphlyococcus aureus (Staph), and P.aeruginosa.

I have more questions that I’d like to ask about Pure Zone in Charleston SC. What is your contact info?

We’re happy to answer any questions that you might have about Pure Zone! You can reach Wrapstar via phone at (843) 261-9727. If you prefer, you can also fill out the handy contact form on our website. A member of our team will ready your inquiry and reach out ASAP.

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PURE ZONE® can be applied anywhere and everywhere you’d like to protect. We suggest using PURE ZONE® on all commonly touched surfaces such as entry way doors, door knobs, counter-tops and restrooms. It is already used in a variety of locations including Trains, Planes, and Subway systems; thus exposing the film to a significant amount of constraints it is built to handle. You shouldn’t have to worry about changing your cleaning protocols, as the film is resistant to most chemical agents, alcohol and diluted acids. The product is a Non-Irritant and safe for use on human skin. 



In order to identify the areas protected by the antimicrobial film look for the gray and blue fingerprint pattern. This pattern can appear at the entrance, on doors, door handles, and many more places equipped with PURE ZONE®.

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